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Pressure washing is something that we all do in our homes on at least a yearly basis but what is it your removing and are you removing these in the right way?

Pressure washing removes, Algae, bird droppings, chewing gum, and general dirt and grime can blight even the sturdiest of surfaces. If left to build up, they can interfere with the traction properties of your surface, meaning it’s slip resistance is significantly reduced and subsequently, the likelihood of slips and falls increases.

With pressure washing we not only work on domestic properties but we also do commercial properties too, from tennis courts and playgrounds, to forecourts and pathways, our professional pressure washing services will bring your environment back to an “as new” state, reinvigorating it with life. Not only will the removal of this debris make your floors more aesthetically pleasing, but they’ll also be a lot more hygienic following a professional pressure wash from us.

With your own home we can remove the build up and seal the flooring to create a safer environment for your children or elderly relatives.

Using state of the art technology, we can remove even the most stubborn staining, including unsightly graffiti and chewing gum. Also our systems utilise water without the need for chemicals, we can clean surfaces which are surrounded by an established ecosystem without the risk of harming it or any surrounding plantation.


At Moss Boss, we understand our customers and we appreciate that carrying out this type of work during peak hours poses its own challenges. That’s why we put health and safety at the forefront of everything we do and will work at whatever times suit you. Experienced in coordinating road and footpath closures and cordons, you can be confident that we’ll keep disruption to a minimum without compromising results.

Step cleaning

Don’t want the kids slipping on these….

Patio Cleaning

Spring and Summer cleans so that garden furniture can come out 

Garden Furniture

Why not bring that old bench back to life 

Wall Cleaning

The front of your home is what everyone sees make it as clean as inside