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A lot of people want to know what is Soft Washing?

Unlike Pressure Washing, soft washing is the safer alternative which uses low pressure pumps, soft washing is the like hand washing products with a garden hose.

If you have pressure wash damage, a soft wash solution is carefully blended by the soft wash equipment which is located in the vehicle. The fully biodegradable solution is carefully mixed to use solely for your property and the materials it is made from, such as render, tiles, cladding and wood, plus the level of infestation which needs treating such as moulds, mildew, lichens and mosses which are growing on the surfaces.

Soft wash equipment, longer lasting results are achieved, often up to 4 – 6 times longer than if pressure washed. Soft washing uses much less water than a pressure washer would, and is also less noisy due to being 12 volt battery powered. All in all it is much gentler than pressure washing with much more longer lasting results.



Full House

Soft Washing, look at the difference having the house fully washed can make